Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Our youth ministry efforts take on many forms, from occasional youth group meetings, to Sunday school class, to the many ways that our teens volunteer at Paxton Covenant. We offer opportunities for kids to attend winter camp at our conference camp centers and every three years our church denomination hosts a high school event called UNITE at the University of Tennessee. Those events have been mentioned by participants as key highlights in their Christian walk. We also offer a two-year confirmation class,typically led by the pastor, that give students a chance to learn more about the Bible and discuss how their faith matters in everyday life.
Paxton Covenant has been especially good in allowing students to use their gifts and talents in the larger Body of Christ. Some have been consistent members of our music praise teams. Some read scripture during worship services. Others have been group leaders or area leaders for our summer Vacation Bible School and key personnel in fundraising events like our annual Memorial Day BBQ. And some (high school and college students) have been involved on mission trips within the United States and in New Zealand. All of this is geared to help our young adults become leaders in their schools and in the community at large.